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Indiana University seeking applicants for student trustee position

  • Sept. 15, 2014


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A unique leadership opportunity opened this week when applications became available online for the student position on the Indiana University Board of Trustees.

IU has had a student trustee for nearly four decades. The first student trustee, Leslie C. Shively, was sworn in Jan. 1, 1976.

The current student trustee, Janice L. Farlow, is pursuing an M.D. at the Indiana University School of Medicine and a Ph.D. through the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. As a Wells Scholar at IU Bloomington, she completed a Bachelor of Science in biology and a Bachelor of Arts in the Individualized Major Program in 2009.

Farlow, whose term expires June 30, 2015, strongly recommended the experience of serving as a student on the Board of Trustees.

“Serving as an IU trustee is a life-changing experience for a student,” she said. “Through working with peers, faculty, administrators, alumni and all of the IU community, you have the chance to help shape the future of the university. The position offers incredible opportunities for professional development and networking with passionate IU supporters. I heartily encourage all students to consider applying.”

Randall L. Tobias, chairman of the board, also encouraged students to apply. He said the position is invaluable to students and the broader university community, including the board.

“The board particularly relies on the student trustee for input from the direct experiences of students," Tobias said. “The student trustee brings a unique awareness of student life and its associated issues and opportunities, and that perspective plays an important role in the board's decision-making.”

The IU student trustee is a fully vested member of the board with all rights, responsibilities and privileges. He or she is expected to take part in at least six board meetings per year, serve on board committees, take part in university ceremonies and complete assigned projects. The only difference between the student trustee and all other trustees is the length of term: student trustees serve two years, while all others serve three.

Any IU student enrolled at any of IU’s eight campuses may apply. The student trustee must be a full-time student for the duration of the appointment. He or she may be an undergraduate or graduate student. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. EST Friday, Dec. 12, 2014.

The term of office begins July 1, 2015. Applications for the student position will be reviewed by the 2014 IU Student Trustee Search and Screen Committee, which is appointed by the president of the university, and is composed of students from IU's campuses and a representative of the governor.

The committee will interview selected finalists March 27 and 28 in Indianapolis. All finalists must participate in the interviews on one of those dates. According to state law, the committee must forward 10 names to the governor, who usually makes the final selection by June 30.

The Board of Trustees is Indiana University’s governing board, its legal owner and final authority. The board holds the university’s financial, physical and human assets and operations in trust for future generations. The board was created in 1820. Today it has nine members, six appointed by the governor and three elected by alumni.

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Janice L. Farlow

Janice L. Farlow, the current student trustee, will serve until June 30, 2015

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