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Jan. 21, 2016
padlocks open and closed against a backdrop of code
Protecting cyberspace
IU is leading a $5 million collaborative grant to create the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.
Smithsonian logo
Smithsonian exhibit at IU
The Mathers Museum of World Cultures will host its first Smithsonian exhibit, "Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Shape the Nation," which details the history of Indian Americans and their contributions to the U.S. from the 1700s to the present.
news and notes
Grand Challenges website
Grand Challenges finalists
Five teams have been selected to submit full proposals for funding through the Indiana University Grand Challenges Program, the most ambitious research program in the university's history. The program will invest up to $300 million over five years to address some of the most urgent challenges facing Indiana and the world.
An artist's rendering of P22-Hyd, a new biomaterial created by encapsulating a hydrogen-producing enzyme within a virus shell.
Creating a 'nano-reactor'
Scientists at Indiana University have created a highly efficient biomaterial that catalyzes the formation of hydrogen -- one half of the "holy grail" of splitting H2O to make hydrogen and oxygen for fueling cheap and efficient cars that run on water.
stocks from the stock market in the background with a large arrow pointing down
Why advertising boosts some stock prices
New research from professors at the Kelley School of Business found that companies that set out to differentiate themselves through brand equity and thus create intangible firm value benefit more from advertising than firms that simply set out to become cost leaders.
rat examining some spices
Working memory
A new study from Indiana University could help ensure the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year to develop potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease aren't wasted on targeting the wrong types of memory.
football sitting in grass
Studying diversity in football
A new study by the Sports Capital Journalism Program at IUPUI will examine the role of diversity in hiring college head football coaches.
a desk microphone
Something in the air
A new weekly Bloomington campus podcast -- a collaboration by the Office of the Provost, The Media School and the IU Newsroom -- will launch Jan. 24.
Mikaela Gilbert
A freshman inventor
In high school, Mikaela Gilbert wanted to be a pharmacist. But it was her passion for business that eventually led her to Indiana University and to create Chatter Eggs.
Kate Samson and two other IU students make reusable bags on sewing machines
Alumna applies her research skills
Kate Sampson intended to be a geologist when she began her educational journey at Indiana University. "My whole plan changed when my IU route crashed unexpectedly into the Cognitive Science Program. ... I went searching for one research lab to call home and stumbled upon countless opportunities."
best of IU in the news
The New York Times
When a big baby isn't so big
New York Magazine
How expressing gratitude might change your brain
Campus Technology
Higher education and K12 -- partnerships for success
ominous looking gray and black clouds
Master of disaster: Historian Quinn Dauer examines impact of catastrophes
Hurricane Katrina, the 1908 Sicilian earthquake and droughts in the 1760s are among the disasters covered in an IU Southeast class. The course is not a mere storm-chaser highlight reel, but rather an exploration of many facets of our relationship with extreme conditions.
a black hand holds a white hand
'A Call to All'
See how IU staff, faculty and students spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day honoring the civil rights leader.
A woman works on a limestone carving
'Work Is Art' course finds beauty in labor
Students learned about expressive forms of labor in a new class highlighting this year's Themester focus.
Yogi Ferrell with the ball up against an Ohio State player
A record broken
During the Jan. 19 IU men's basketball game against Illinois, Yogi Ferrell broke the record for the most assists in Indiana basketball history.
upcoming events
Opening of digital paintings exhibit at IU Southeast
Betsy Stirratt's exhibit "La Maladie" at the Mütter Museum
Great Lakes Equity Center regional equity focus session at IUPUI
Filmmaker Jeremy Kagan's lecture at IU Cinema
did you know?
A group of IU alumni, friends and community members established the IU Foundation in 1936 because they wanted to formalize the process of finding financial support for IU.
In 1956, Crest toothpaste was sold nationally with the formula developed at IU.
Indiana University and Purdue University operated independently in Indianapolis until then mayor Richard Lugar called for "a great state university in Indianapolis" in 1968.
IU Newsroom Alumni Association
IU Gateway Office of the President
 Fulfilling the Promise.
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