New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities grants go to 39 IU faculty

  • April 18, 2016


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana University's New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities program enters its second decade with the announcement that 39 Indiana University faculty members from six IU campuses will receive grants for 33 projects in 2015-16.

As one of the country's largest internally funded university arts and humanities grant programs, New Frontiers has awarded more than $10 million to 483 faculty members since the first awards were distributed in 2005.

The Creativity and Scholarship Awards allocate as much as $50,000 to each recipient, while New Frontiers Experimentation Fellowships provide up to $15,000 each.

"The New Frontiers grant program continues to foster innovation, scholarship and diverse creative activity across many disciplines," said Fred H. Cate, Indiana University’s vice president for research. "New Frontiers has enabled nearly 500 faculty members to broaden the scope and depth of their research. The program is a cornerstone of Indiana University's continuing commitment to excellence in the arts and humanities."

The continuation of the New Frontiers grant program is a key element of the Bicentennial Strategic Plan, which was announced by Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie in December 2014.

New Frontiers demonstrates the university's continued commitment to excellence in the arts and humanities by investing in promising research, scholarship and creative activity. The program falls within the Bicentennial Priority of "Catalyzing Research," which also mentions investing in the facilities and IT infrastructure that make the best scholarly activity possible.

In addition to its major grants, New Frontiers supports scholarly symposia through the New Currents program and faculty travel for research through the Exploratory Travel Fellowship program.

Recipients of 2015-16 New Frontiers grants are:

New Frontiers of Creativity and Scholarship

  • Terry Allison, Office of the Chancellor; James Bowyer, Department of Music; and Jason Resler, Raclin School of the Arts, IU South Bend, "MEGA!" collaborative project to create a new musical play.
  • Jeff Batis, Department of Psychology, and Wayne Madsen and Erik Deerly, New Media Art and Technology, IU Kokomo, "The Healing Arts: Using Art to Increase Resilience Against Addiction," exhibitions.
  • Emily Beckman, Medical Humanities and Health Studies, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, "Voices From Central State," performance, exhibition and scholarly article.
  • Beth Anne Buggenhagen, Department of Anthropology, IU Bloomington, "Portrait Photography in Senegal," book.
  • Michel Chaouli, Department of Germanic Studies, IU Bloomington, "Self-Exposure: Doing Criticism Poetically," book.
  • William Scott Deal, Music and Arts Technology, IUPUI, "Computer Acoustic Collection," working title for multimedia musical collection.
  • Margaret Dolinsky, School of Fine Arts-Studio, IU Bloomington, "Translocative Realities," virtual reality artwork.
  • David Dzubay, Jacobs School of Music-Composition, IU Bloomington, CD recordings of recent chamber music.
  • Jacob Emery, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature, IU Bloomington, "Art in the Clone Age," scholarly project.
  • Neil Goodman, Department of Fine Arts, IU Northwest, new monumental sculpture.
  • Margaret Graves, School of Fine Arts-History, IU Bloomington, "Arts of Fire: An Unpublished Collection of Islamic Ceramics in the Indiana University Art Museum," scientific analysis and journal articles.
  • Scott Herring, Department of English, IU Bloomington, "Elderly Moderns," book-length study.
  • Bessie House-Soremekun, Department of Africana Studies, IUPUI, "African American Entrepreneurship: Philanthropic Giving, Self-Help and the Struggle for Economic Empowerment," book.
  • Sarah Imhoff, Department of Religious Studies, IU Bloomington, "Jessie Sampter: How a Disabled Queer Woman Became the Voice of American Zionism," book.
  • Edward Lazzerini, Department of Central Eurasian Studies, IU Bloomington, "No Laughing Matter? The Satirical Cartoons From the Azerbaijani Periodical Molla Nesreddin, 1906-1918," database, lectures, conference, essays, monograph and documentary.
  • Anja Matwijkiw, Department of History, Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies, IU Northwest, "Activist Jurisprudence: The Case of Jus Cogens Norms and Post-Conflict Justice at the National and International Levels," scholarly project.
  • Michelle Moyd, Department of History, IU Bloomington, "Soldiering On: Race, Labor and Armies of Empire in Africa and the United States, 1850-1918," scholarly project and talk.
  • Martha Nyikos, Department of Literacy, Culture and Language Education, IU Bloomington, "Saturday Exploration of Language Through Art," educational research.
  • Jon Simons, The Media School, IU Bloomington, "Picturing Peace," scholarly project about peace activism.
  • Kyoko Takanashi, Department of English, IU South Bend, "Traveling Through the Pages: Reading Realisms in the Age of Transport Revolutions," scholarly project.
  • Diana Winters, McKinney School of Law, IUPUI, "The Food Court: How Food Litigation Will Change How We Eat (and How We Sue)," book project.
  • Jiangmei Wu, Department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design, IU Bloomington, "Ruga Interior Skin (RIS): An Origami-Inspired Large-Scale Art Installation."

New Frontiers Experimentation Fellowships

  • Jeffrey A. Anderson, Center for Education Evaluation and Policy, IU Bloomington, "The Nation's Report Card and Improving Academics for Children With Mental Illness," educational study.
  • Selene Carter, Nyama McCarthy-Brown; Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance; IU Bloomington, "Undoing Racism: Reverberations Through a Campus," original choreography.
  • Sheena Choi, Department of Educational Studies, IPFW, "Elite North Korean Defectors in South Korea: Their Lives, Defections, Identities and Roles in Two Koreas," scholarly study.
  • George Reagan Furqueron, Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI, "Combining Digital and Handmade Fabrication Methods," application of auto-making technology to art-making.
  • Jennifer Goodlander, Department of Theatre, Drama and Contemporary Dance, IU Bloomington, "Unity in Diversity: Economics, Security and the Arts for the One ASEAN Community," puppetry and regional identity in Southeast Asia.
  • Randy Long, School of Fine Arts-Studio, IU Bloomington, "Ten Experimental Large Drawings of Flowers in Vases," exploration in different medium, exhibition.
  • Stefan Petranek, Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI; and Mahua Dey, Department of Neurosurgery, Indiana University School of Medicine; "Bridging the Gap: Using Video Art to Document the Human Face of Disease and Predict Quality of Life Assessments in Brain Tumor Patients," collaborative portrait project.
  • Karen Roesch, Department of World Languages and Cultures, IUPUI, "Indiana German Dialect Project," research, documentation and digital archive.
  • Gregory Schrempp, Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, IU Bloomington, "Science the Second Time Around -- Phase Two," science re-education initiative.
  • April Sievert, Department of Anthropology, IU Bloomington, "Experimenting With an American Indian Resources and Services Portal," Internet portal project.
  • Ellen Wu, Department of History, IU Bloomington, "Chinese Hoosiers," short documentary film.

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