IU, Purdue extend management agreement for IPFW

  • June 17, 2016


INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana University Board of Trustees has voted to renew the agreement with Purdue University for the management of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne for five years. The Purdue Board of Trustees also approved the renewal at a meeting this morning.

Under the approved terms, the agreement calls for a proposal for a revised governance structure to be presented to IU and Purdue trustees at their December 2016 meetings. Any change in the governance structure is subject to the approval of the respective boards and would be based on ongoing discussions around realignment.

Under the current management agreement, which was due to expire June 30, Purdue has fiscal responsibility for the Fort Wayne campus, and both IU and Purdue have degree programs at the campus.

Trustees and administrators of both Purdue and IU agreed that the primary objective of ongoing discussions would be to achieve realignment of the academic missions. IU would focus primarily on its health sciences initiative, including the IU School of Medicine campus in Fort Wayne, and Purdue would continue as the governing entity of IPFW, responsible for the remaining programs and any future programs.

The recommendations of both the Legislative Services Agency report, completed in January 2016 at the direction of the Indiana General Assembly, and IPFW’s recent University Strategic Alignment Process report from May 2016 will be considered as next steps are developed and proposed.

IU and Purdue share common goals of reversing an enrollment decline at IPFW, better serving students and strengthening the campus’s contribution to the Fort Wayne community and northeastern Indiana economy, said IU Trustee Michael Mirro, who was among those representing IU in the discussions that resulted in the recommendations made in the Legislative Services Agency report.

“A great deal of thought and discussion on the part of IU, Purdue and campus leadership from IPFW have gone into trying to chart a future path for IPFW that will allow the campus to better support students and the region,” Mirro said. “This renewal allows both universities to continue that work over the next several months, with the goal of having a final proposal by December 2016.”

Media Contacts

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Associate vice president, IU Communications